A desire for the end of the world, yet very close to us: this is the promise of the village of Montaud and the road that leads there. Majestic, breathtaking, challenging… the last adjective to describe the famous Dent de Moirans? It's you who will find it once your ascent is complete! An unforgettable getaway coupled with an immersive and responsible adventure, that's what we promise you in the Vercors.

view of the Isère valley from Montaud at Dent de MoiransJ.Roulain

800 meters above the Isère valley

Striking and invigorating, the Dent de Moirans invites its hikers to pay extra attention. By starting our walk from Montaud, the tone is set: we cross the meadows and fields of cultivation, we skirt the hamlets where tranquility seems to be the key word, an atmosphere that we cherish and that everyone can contribute to. preserve. How ? By staying on marked trails to avoid disturbing the local wildlife: every step we take is imbued with respect and consideration for the nature around us.

Let's continue this dialogue full of kindness with nature by joining the Bois Vert landscape reading table, offering a new and original approach to the sites we pass through. Here, we take the time to appreciate and admire, without forgetting to breathe.

We take one last deep breath before starting the final climb, a little steep but so satisfying once the summit is reached. It is there, our shot of adrenaline, from the belvedere at the top of the cliff, the landscapes combine to offer a spectacle set like music paper. The Chartreuse and Belledonne massifs as well as the Isère valley make up this painting which never ceases to captivate its spectators. It's time to leave, we make sure to take with us everything that belongs to us: papers, waste, and the precious memories we shared there.

The art path,

such an inspiring detour

A slight detour which, for once, is worth the detour! 500m from the finish of the Dent de Moirans hike, we take the risk (which will quickly be rewarded) to branch off towards the Chemin de l'Art, set up in 2012.

Here, it's all in the name: we indulge in a 2-hour stroll through the Follet forest, which hosts works by artists from around the world. Meticulous, thoughtful but above all respectful work, done on and in nature. Sensory and surprising, we discover a new way of observing nature in land art mode.

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Starting point : Montaud village hall
Time : 4h (+2h if we add the art path)
Distance: 11,2km
Elevation: +339m 
Difficulty : average

See the route

The route is also detailed in the map guide “Walks and hikes in Vercors: From Coulmes to Chambaran” on sale at our receptions.

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