Autumn, the best season to visit the Chambaran forest

Let's take a walk in the woods… On the other side of the Isère, in the north of the territory, here is a real good plan for the season!  

Children in Chambaran forestMary Chioca

what is the chabaran platter?

Straddling the Isère Valley, the Drôme des Collines and the plain of Bièvre-Valloire, the Chambaran plateau extends over more than 7300 hectares between the municipalities of Tullins, Saint-Siméon-de-Bressieux and Saint- Marcellin with Roybon in his center.

Composed of a vast forest, home to remarkable wild flora and fauna, the plateau also offers many lakes and fishing ponds. On its crest path and at the Col de la Croix de All Aures, its highest point at 626m above sea level, you can enjoy superb views of the hills and wooded valleys with the entire chain of the Pre-Alps and the Massif du Vercors in the background.

Why do we recommend that you take a walk in the Chambaran forest in the fall?

It is when the leaves put on their autumn dress and the golden and orange tones cover the trees that the forest reveals all its poetry.

In addition to the flamboyant color palette of the hills and the softness of the twilight, autumn is the ideal season to stroll on the Chambaran plateau, all the senses awake. Mushrooms, chestnuts, mosses, berries, humus, resin, flowers... take advantage of the range of scents and flavors offered by the freshness of the undergrowth. Listen carefully and enjoy the sound of dead leaves crunching under your feet, the rustling of the wind in the branches and with a little luck, witness the roar of the deer, the king of the forest.

Path in the Chambaran forest

With its varied landscapes interspersed with wide openings on the Alps, the Vercors, the Chartreuse, the mountains of the Ardèche and the Lyonnais, the forest of Chambaran presents in all seasons a very particular charm, a cachet of its own. But it is in autumn that it finds its peak: revived by the freshness of the first rains, the dapper green moss illuminates the undergrowth with large cushions from which sometimes escape the brown head of ceps. plump, a real treasure for gourmets with baskets! The paths are covered with a down of leaves rustling underfoot, the branches come in a sumptuous monochrome of warm hues, and the autumn sky reflects the rolling of its clouds on the mirror of the ponds. Everything here brings me to serenity: the song of the wind in the fir trees, the scents of resin mingling with that of humus and wet leaves, the reddening of the peaks in the cool of the evening, emerging from the mists of the valley. For nothing in the world would I miss a show imbued with such majesty...

Marie Chioca, author and photographer

woman photographer in forestMary Chioca

Visit of Chambaran natural park

To be the privileged witness of the life of the forest and its small inhabitants, only one address: the Chambaran Natural Park in Saint-Pierre-de-Bressieux. At the heart of its 300 wild hectares, explore the 40km of paths in complete freedom on foot, on horseback or by bike. On your way: fishing ponds, landscapes as wooded as they are hilly and the encounter with deer, fallow deer, mouflons, roe deer, wild boar, as well as all the many small forest animals that make up the park's fauna.

Being closer to the animals...

Pond in the forest of the Chambaran natural park in Saint-Pierre-de-Bressieux


Details and contact:
04 74 20

Address and location:
Chambaran Natural Park
3200 route de Revel

Hours and opening:
20/03 to 30/10/2022. Timetables on the website.

Fees :
Adult entry: €8
Child entry (5 to 13 years old): €5
– 5 years old: free

On-site services and equipment: Accommodation (trailer, cottage, chalet, campsite, etc.). Restaurant and fishing. In July and August: horseback riding or electric scooter rides possible on site.

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Our advice: from the ridges or the Col de Tous Aures, the highest point of the plateau, do not miss each evening the spectacle of the subdued light of the sunset on the trees and the adobe houses hidden in the surroundings.

Sites and museums to visit and discover near the Chambaran forest 

Beyond its wild natural setting, the Chambaran plateau is also a rich built heritage with many remarkable religious buildings, the nut dryers that shape our landscapes and typical architecture of mud and pebble houses. The culinary heritage with our famous local products also makes the reputation of this region.

Hiking route of the antonins Chambaran forest saint-antoine-l'abbaye