our good tips in case of high heat

With the arrival of sunny days and summer temperatures, the search for refreshing corners becomes essential. You are in the right place ! Our territory, crossed by numerous rivers winding through gorges and canyons, offers numerous refuges from the heat. If the most famous waterside spots can quickly become crowded, did you know that coolness is also hidden elsewhere?

In this article, discover the best places to cool off at the foot of the Vercors: water points to soak your feet, leisure sites for a swim, as well as shady hikes and outings to enjoy a breath of fresh air. fresh air. Follow the guide for a cool summer!

boat on the lake of gournier caving chorancheJustine Peilley

the caves

We are lucky, there is no shortage of caves and chasms in the area: Gournier, Choranche, Thaïs, Bournillon…

Several ways to enjoy it: some of them are open to visitors. This is the case of the Grotte de Choranche and the Grotte de Thaïs in Saint-Nazaire-en-Royans.

And for the others, don't hesitate to discover them differently, by caving, with a guide. Refreshment guaranteed!

the sensitive natural space of the ecouges

If we had to choose only one spot for its freshness, we would tell you the sensitive natural area of ​​Les Écouges.
With its shaded forests, refreshing rivers and waterfalls, the Écouges area is an oasis of preserved freshness that will delight families and sports enthusiasts.


Vercors Adventure

Two ideas for activities to keep cool in Écouges

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cool hikes

Shaded paths, along the water's edge, in the undergrowth or at altitude to enjoy a breath of fresh wind, here are our best hiking routes so as not to suffer from the sun!

water bar pont en royans vercors wall of bottles

water bar

When we talk about freshness, what’s better than tasting… water?

After your visit to the water museum, extend the experience on site with a very atypical tasting. Here, the decoration will amaze you with its 1800 bottles of water from the four corners of the globe.
As true water experts, Alison, Blandine and Virginie will introduce you to a wide variety of waters: sparkling, still, sparkling, dry water or fatty water, mineral water or spring water. You will learn to distinguish the subtle differences between these waters from around the world, thus quenching your thirst… for knowledge!

activities around water

We couldn't leave each other without forgetting the swimming places, the water activities such as canoeing on the Bourne or the Isère, or the canyoning, fishing etc. So many activities at the water's edge that promise a nice refreshing dip!

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refreshing waterfall in the VercorsJulia Lafaille