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We hosted a few days in September 2022 the Mondaines, a group of bloggers from Grenoble. On the program of their stay: the Ferme du Clos, the Mayoussier wine estate, the restaurant Au Roman du Vercors, the Carmes convent and the Ferme des Villardes. Discover below their tips and their favorites during their visit to the Saint-Marcellin Vercors Isère territory.

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who are the socialites?

Lesmondaines is a local media created in 2012 and made up of a team of enthusiasts who travel the world and offer you every week to discover new favorite and unusual addresses in Grenoble and its region. An editorial line focused on the art of living and the know-how that make our territory shine, the creators that inspire us.

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Take to the road and explore the rich lands of Saint-Marcellin Vercors Isère, for a day or a weekend, here is the program for our gourmet getaway in the heart of Vercors.
It is at the Ferme du Clos, under the cliffs of Presles, that Angélique Doucet welcomes us to a plural place where crops and livestock farming, peasant meals and unusual accommodation come together to offer immersive experiences in the heart of nature. On the road to Belle in Auberives-en-Royans, we set off for Domaine Mayoussier. It is in the property of his ancestors, that Antoine Dépierre, independent and committed winegrower, cultivates, without mechanization, old local grape varieties to give life to authentic wines, offered for tasting on site. Then, the road guides us to the Convent of the Carmelites and its poetic gardens, the remains of which exude incredible charm. It is here, in an exceptional setting, that you can have lunch at Au Roman du Vercors, an unmissable restaurant in Beauvoir-en-Royans, where finesse and terroir blend perfectly. We end our discovery of the territory by the Villardes farm, where Catherine and Lucien raise old breeds of local cows as well as an orchard of old fruits. From farm to farm, from encounters to tastings, a wonderful getaway where the art of living and the delight of the taste buds are in the spotlight.

Emilie Vigliotta, the socialites

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