Here, the wild flora is remarkably rich in the middle of contrasting landscapes. All these treasures are partly hidden and impenetrable, except in our gardens! Staging of the local flora, terraced, unusual, medieval gardens... Whether wild or ornamental, whether free or paying access, open on sunny days or all year round, come and awaken your senses in our boxes of greenery.


beautiful medieval castle in front of flowering plants and gardenLena Ferez

the gardens of the castle of arthaudière


The castle and its superb terraced gardens facing the Vercors are classified as Historic Monuments.

Representing the perfect legacy of art
gardens of the early Italian Renaissance, the parterres showcase a great diversity of plants that offer a wealth of color and
scents. The particularity of these gardens is their inclusion in a square plan, enclosed by walls and along the north/south axis and the west/east axis.

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the medieval garden and the conservatory orchard
of the Carmelite convent


The visit to the medieval site of the Couvent des Carmes continues outside for the greatest pleasure of the 5 senses, through the hundreds of flowers and plants in the medieval garden and the fruit trees in the conservatory orchard. Set up in 2009 at the request of the Community of Communes by the Association "les fruits recovered", this garden is inspired by medieval gardens often associated with abbeys or convents and aims to preserve old and local varieties. . It has three spaces:

The simple garden built in a checkerboard pattern, houses aromatic and medicinal condiment plants;

The vegetable garden houses ancient vegetables and numerous confiments;

The orchard is home to plantations of more than 200 fruit trees.

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And also…

A stone's throw from the site of the Couvent des Carmes is the honey garden created by the Miellerie des Coulmes, its eco-museum and its small educational farm offer you a place to relax and stroll to discover insects, flowers and the profession of beekeeper.

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group of visitors at the foot of the mountain in the middle of aromatic and medicinal plants in the shape of a heartAnne-Lise Salazar

the aromatics of choranche

Choranche – Meet at Cabane Café

During the botanical visits animated with passion by Matthieu, discover the origin of the plants, their properties, their living environments, the transformation recipes.

Chocolate mint, Damascus rose, Ginko Biloba, Hyssop, Helichrysum, Lavender, Thyme, Lemon balm, Savory…
Recharge your batteries, taste, smell and discover, to the rhythm of nature, treasures filled with virtues.

Then discover for sale at Cabane Café a unique range of gourmet and healing herbal teas made from aromatic and medicinal plants from the garden.

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the tuff, a local curiosity…

For almost a thousand years, mysterious springs have adorned the landscape and given rise to a curious rock: tuff... With the desire to preserve these incredible natural constructions formed by the limestone waters coming from the Chambaran plateau, the Jardin des Fontaines Pétrifiantes sees the day in 1994.

Panorama of a little girl looking at a tufa garden and waterfallManuel Izquierdo
Walk in the water trailLena Ferez

the petrifying fountains garden

The Sone

A true paradise of a thousand
sources for an extensive tour of
botanical world.

Around this aquatic setting made up of pools and waterfalls, more than 800 species of flowers and
rare exotic, aquatic, Mediterranean and tropical plant forms.
As a reward for the work of the gardeners who highlight this floral and plant symphony with poetry and humour, the Jardin des Fontaines Pétrifiantes has obtained the
“Remarkable Garden” label in 2018.

In 2024, the Garden celebrates its 30th anniversary, discover an exceptional program!

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young girl in front of a fountain in the medieval garden of the museum of saint-antoine-l'abbayeItinera Magica

the medieval garden of the museum of saint-antoine


The medieval garden of the museum is a plant and olfactory parenthesis that evokes the history of gardens in the Middle Ages. Located in the heart of the old stables, it can be discovered during the visit and welcomes you for a nature break.

Four gardens, four stories, four stops punctuated by exuberant plants, aromatic herbs, flowers and fruit trees brought together by water from a fountain and basins : the Garden of Paradise, a place of delight and contemplation with its flowers and birds; the Perfumer's Garden, quintessence of the walled garden where the scent of roses; the Simple Garden and its medicinal plants and finally the Arab-Andalusian Celestial Garden, where the mineral symphony responds to the profusion of plants.

walk in the park in front of the large dryer in vinaySaint-Marcellin Vercors Isère Community

the large dryer park


Located opposite the majestic foothills of the Vercors, this park represents the landscapes of walnut country, from the plain of Isère to the hillsides of Chambaran where the walnut trees spread out. Near the adobe wall, the vines and the mulberry trees tell the story of the country before the development of nuciculture, while the alignment of the Franquette, Mayette and Parisian walnut trees refers to the intensification of the cultivation of the Grenoble walnut in the end of the 19th century.

“Thumbette” sculpture trail to discover the main characters of HC Andersen's tale, walnut conservatory and walnut arboretum from all over the world complete the visit to this landscaped park.

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the railway garden


Unique, unusual and surprising garden using Japanese pruning techniques, intended to showcase a miniature world brought to life by permanent rail traffic. In this space, everything is there to create the illusion of the miniature garden, the landscaper must manage to integrate the different scales of the place: the surrounding hills, the adult-sized trees, the collection of Japanese maples, the dwarfed trees. Enter the railway garden and let yourself be transported by the magic of nature!

We come here for the trains, we are there
enchanted by the garden!

Meet at the gardens

This annual national event organized from May 31 to June 2 highlights some of our green spaces during unique visits and events.