8 good reasons to come to us for a long weekend

We love the month of May because the weather is nice (normally!), the days get longer and it gives a taste of the summer vacation with all its public holidays! If you have chosen to come and spend a few days in Saint-Marcellin Vercors Isère (or you are lucky enough to live there all year round), here is our selection of outings, walks and activities to make the most of the bridges of the month of may.

#1 here, no traffic jams

Rejuvenation is guaranteed!

From the valleys of Chambaran, the banks of the Isère or the foothills of the Vercors, we promise you a real return to basics. Far from the crowds and the hustle and bustle on the highway, here, we are fans of slow tourism with panoramas in front of which we take the time to breathe even if they leave us breathless.

#2 spring takes on its full meaning in the garden

It's the best season to stroll through these green havens of peace where captivating perfumes, birdsong and the murmur of water mingle. As the buds bloom and the first flowers burst with color, we let ourselves be tempted by the enchanted discovery of our gardens, just reopened!

Here, we are amazed by the diversity that reigns: from the honey gardens, animated by the ballet of bees, to the petrifying fountains where the water dances with grace, through the medieval and aromatic gardens which bear witness to the practices of yesteryear.

#3 there is always something to do, even in the rain

Fabian da Costa


Even rain won't be enough to spoil your stay in Saint-Marcellin Vercors Isère. Instead of going for an outdoor stroll, take the opportunity to explore the cultural and artistic treasures of our territory.

This will be an opportunity to discover the new exhibitions for 2024 and to once again benefit from the rich and diverse collections of our museums and exhibition venues.

Renewed collections of painting or sculpture at the Carmes Convent, new exhibition on the theme of costume in the Middle Ages at the Saint-Antoine departmental museum, ever more extensive permanent tour at the Water Museum or even an exhibition around insects at the Grand Séchoir, a program of special events on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the fighting in Vercors at the Mémorial de la Résistance…

Yes, for sure, the fascinating history of our region offers a wide choice of experiences to suit the desires of each visitor.

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Well-being activities

It's raining ? What if we took advantage of this to take care of ourselves? A long weekend during which we offer you an oasis of relaxation in our spa and with our well-being professionals.
Foot reflexology, shiatsu, yoga, Zen hikes, aromatherapy, relaxing or Ayurvedic massages... Everything is done to give yourself a break to stay warm and escape the vagaries of the weather.

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#4 fun for young and old

Jump from tree to tree during a tree-climbing session, hurtle down our trails in complete safety on an all-terrain electric scooter, try speed-sledding, play an escape game (around the nut of course) or participate in games and puzzles in the great outdoors… here is a tailor-made selection for young and old who are looking for adventure and who are not afraid of it! That’s good, these unusual activities are just reopening their doors for the season… Don’t miss them!

#5 to each their own path!

Quiet paths for families, steep trails for those who love adventure, thematic walks for learning while hiking... 900 kilometers of hiking trails cross our territory. Enough to find your ideal outing!

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#6 a well-paced month of May

Concerts, theater, garage sales, flea markets, exhibitions, workshops, markets... in May, Saint-Marcellin Vercors Isère comes alive. With big highlights that come back every year like the event Take the key to the Champs, the rare flower and plant market of Saint-Antoine-l’Abbaye, the Barbara festival…

Calendar of activities

Calendar of events

#7 a mouth-watering menu

With local delicacies recognized for their quality and whose flavors cannot be found anywhere else. The art of living well, here it means going to buy your cheese on the market, tasting your gourmet nut products directly on the farm, reserving a table in our good addresses or simply enjoying a fruit juice, a glass of wine, a local beer on the terrace. A whole program to discover below:

#8 Looking for last minute accommodation?

Do you need accommodation for the May holidays in Saint-Marcellin? Whether you are a lover of rustic charm, looking for functional accommodation in the center, or wanting to escape into nature, we have what you need! Gîtes, guest rooms, hotels, campsites... Our wide range of establishments will meet all your desires, even for fans of improvisation.
Get ready for a memorable getaway to Saint-Marcellin Vercors Isère!