Find here all the information on closures, works and the state of our roads in the Vercors

vercors road with panoramic view
Cyclist in a tunnel on the road to Presles in the Vercors

state of the roads in the vercors

Updated November 22, 2022

Bourne Gorges Route (D531): Open

Road to Presles (D292): Open

Ecouges Road (D35): Open

Nan Gorges Road (D22): Open

Goulets road (D518): The final reinforcement works will be undertaken from September 12, 2022, for a period of 6 months.
Traffic restrictions will be as follows:
– traffic will be maintained alternately for most of the duration of the works.
– sequential cuts (20 min waiting maximum) will be possible from time to time.
– 4 day breaks (9:00 a.m. – 16:30 p.m.) will be necessary during road works.

Route de Combe-Laval (D76): Open

Battle Pass (D199): Closed

Col de Tourniol (D101): Closed

Road to Herbouilly (D221): Closed

Faz Road (D31): Open

More information on the routes:

Department of Isère: click here.

Department of Drôme: click here.


Small Goulets: 3.50 m (D518)
Great Goulets: 4.30 m (D518)
Arps road: 4.40 m (D2)
Col de Rousset: 4.40 m (D518)
Combe Laval: 3.50 m and 3t5 (D76)
Col de la Bataille: 4.40 m (D199)
Pioneer pass: 4.30 m (D331)
Bourne Gorge: 3.50 m (D531)
Presles road: 3.20 m (D292)
Ecouges canyon: 2.60 m (D35)
Nan Gorge: 2.95 m (D22)

tunnel and panorama on the ecouges roadSandrine and Matt Booth

Obligation to have chains or equip vehicles with winter tires in mountainous areas

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