On this day of celebration, the town is animated by merchants and acrobats. Come and live Saint Antoine in the time of the Middle Ages... a moment out of time, festive, joyful, tasty, sound and colorful...

All will lead the dance and guide you to dream of a St Antoine builder of the future...

Lower courtyard: Everyone discovers the space of the Builders, the stonemasons and companions show, demonstrate and explain the techniques of the Middle Ages. Production of the Museum of Saint Antoine l'Abbaye.

In between: The Animal Farm, a free educational space, attracts all children! ...

Camp: The troops are accompanied by the craftsmen, the herbalist, the kitchen, the blacksmith, all these small trades are there. 250 characters in costumes: a village life that will host a real archery tournament for the first time; the middle ages are reaching out to you!!!

Also discover weapons, the art of war, games...

13 p.m. to 23 p.m.: Entrance fee, then all activities are free inside, with shows, activities, initiations...non-stop. All concerts are accessible with the entrance ticket. 200 artists and medievalists, 500 people in costumes, a medieval tavern where the flavors of other times compete with the scents of the spices of the merchants...
The 2 days and the 2 evenings are identical... but it is impossible to do everything in one day!!!

Rates / opening


Free for less than 6 years.

Payment method

  • Bank / credit card
  • Cheque
  • Cash


From Saturday 12 to Sunday 13 August 2023.