ravioli du dauphiné igp & label rouge

A true pride of Royan, praised in all possible ways, ravioli are one of those ancestral dishes that are now found on most tables in France.

Plates of Saint-Jean ravioliSaint-Jean

Deprived of their country's ravioli, Italian lumberjacks working in the Vercors forests would have replaced a meat-based stuffing with a cheese and parsley-based stuffing. According to legend, the ravioli was born like this!

Where to find ravioli?

Plates of Saint-Jean ravioliSaint-Jean

An idea for a recipe

Walnut and Saint-Marcellin ravioli gratin

• 8 plates of Dauphiné ravioli
• 2 Saint Marcellin cheeses
• 10cl of fresh liquid cream
• 240 g walnut kernels

• In a saucepan, put the fresh cream and the Saint Marcellin cut into small cubes and melt over low heat, stirring regularly, until you obtain a creamy texture.
• Grind the walnuts in a blender and mix with the cream.
• In a buttered gratin dish, alternate a plate of ravioli, Saint Marcellin and walnut sauce, a plate of ravioli and sauce.