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Since the 15th century, we appreciate the frank and generous taste of this small round cheese made from cow's milk. Under Protected Geographical Indication since 2013, Saint-Marcellin cheese is one of the flagship local products of Dauphiné and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

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From 1445, the future King Louis XI resided in Dauphiné. One day when he is hunting in the Vercors, he gets lost and finds himself in the presence of a bear. He was saved by two woodcutters who offered him bread and local cheese, “Saint-Marcellin” made in the valley. This is how Louis XI gave this cheese its first letters of nobility.

Saint-Marcellin IGP cheese farmer in a field with his cowsNadege Court Perrin and Committee for Saint-Marcellin IGP

a cheese that reflects its terroir

With a geographical production area straddling Isère, Drôme and Savoie, we find in the cheese all this diversity of landscapes between the mountains and the plain, the Alps and Provence.


Saint-Marcellin was originally presented as a small tomme cheese made from goat's and cow's milk which was produced by hand in the farms of the plain and valley of the Isère and intended for family consumption and sale on the markets. In Saint-Marcellin, a town considered a stronghold in the 15th century, the most important market in the region was held three times a week. As the reputation of the local tomme grew, the cheese naturally took on the name of its town.

where to find saint-marcellin?

Several of our cheese dairies open their doors to all gourmets wishing to taste our Saint-Marcellin IGP for direct sale. Other producers offer it on our markets, or in local shops such as the Jardin de Beauvoir in Saint-Marcellin.

Recipe for Marcelline with Saint-MarcellinCommittee for Saint-Marcellin IGP

An idea for a recipe

The Marcelline

As a starter, accompanied by salad, the Marcelline is a simple and generous recipe, typical of the territory.

For 4 people
10 min
Cuisson: 30 min

• 1 roll of all-butter puff pastry
• 2 dry Saint-Marcellin IGP
• 4 bards of bacon
• 1 egg

• Unroll the puff pastry and cut it into 4 equal parts.
• Cut the Saint-Marcellin in half in the slice and surround the 4 pieces of bard with bacon. Place them on the puff pastry and close it tightly over it.
• Brush the resulting turnover with the egg yolk to make it shine during cooking. Repeat the operation for the 3 others and bake for 25/30 minutes at 210°.
• Serve hot, with a green salad.

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The European IGP logo attests to historical know-how linked to a precise geographical origin. A recognition obtained in 2013 thanks to the work of the collective of producers, represented by the Committee for Saint-Marcellin IGP, proud to defend the colors of its cheese!

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