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Presented on its own on a cheese platter or as an accompaniment to quiches or soufflés, Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage can be eaten in all sauces and has a unique taste.

Vercors Sassenage blue plateau and herd of cows in a field in the mountainsLucie Moraillon by Inspiration Vercors

In the Middle Ages, farmers on the Vercors plateau paid their taxes to the Lord of Sassenage with cheese
become over time, the Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage, one of the jewels of our regional products.

classified aop since 1998

An emblematic cheese of the massif, the Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage is very identifiable with its creamy blue cheese and its subtle hazelnut taste. It is the only cheese made from a mixture of heated milk from the day before and hot, raw milk from the morning milking. It is found in many recipes for which it is the base or for which it is used as an accompaniment.

To reward the work of these farmers who continue to value the practices and know-how of Vercors through the production of this cheese, the "Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage" obtained in 1998 its Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée and in 2001 its Protected designation of origin.

Sassenage Vercors blue cheese platter in a mountain fieldLucie Moraillon by Inspiration Vercors

a cheese born in the heart of the mountains

Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage is one of the few French PDOs produced entirely within a Regional Natural Park, a restricted area limited to 27 municipalities in the departments of Drôme and Isère.

This cow's milk cheese (three selected breeds: Abondance, Montbéliarde and Villarde) is intimately linked to the history and practices of Vercors, with mountain agriculture that respects nature and the environment.

Vercouline recipe with Bleu du Vercors cheese

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An easy recipe proposed by Inspiration Vercors to taste a raclette 100% made in Vercors!

• 1,6 kg of Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage (200 g / pers.)
• 16 potatoes
• Charcuterie (cooked and raw country ham, sausage, etc.)
• Walnuts at will
• Condiments: pickles, baby onions
• A beautiful seasonal salad

• Cut the Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage into strips, arrange them on a serving platter
• Cook the potatoes in water in their skins, drain them and present them in a heatproof dish with a little water in the bottom
• This dish will be placed during the meal on the raclette machine to keep the potatoes warm
• Arrange the charcuterie on a serving platter
• Add to the table, a bowl of nuts, a bowl of pickles.

• Melt the blue cheese in the cups of the raclette machine, let the melted cheese flow over the potatoes and cold cuts
• Serve with a small salad and Châtillon-en-Diois wine.

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The sector is supported by the Syndicat Interprofessionnel du Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage, which guarantees the quality required by the AOP and its specifications. It is made up of milk processors and producers in the appellation area.

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