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The adventure of the Noix de Grenoble began in the 10th century. Since then, on the banks of the Isère, its culture shapes the landscape and delights the greatest chefs around the world.

WalnutsBernard Ciancia for the Walnut Interprofessional Committee of Grenoble

an exceptional territory

The geographical area of ​​production of Walnuts from Grenoble covers the departments of Isère, Drôme and Savoie, along the Isère valley. It is in these extended landscapes between plains and hills, offering an alpine climate up to 800m of altitude, that the walnut draws its taste, its freshness and its virtues.

Three varieties of nuts from our region are grown: mayette, franquette and Parisienne.

recognized ancestral know-how

The conditions of the geographical production area, the expanses of walnut groves along the Isère as well as the know-how of the nut growers who today combine modernity and respect for the environment and traditions make the Noix de Grenoble a production emblematic of our territory.

The Noix de Grenoble was the first fruit in history to obtain an AOC, today a PDO. The official recognition of the quality of the walnuts of Grenoble, guarantors of a history, of an ancestral know-how dates from 1938!

Walnuts from Michallet Farm in Cognin-les-GorgesBertrand Claeyssen by Inspiration Vercors

a fruit full of benefits

Gourmet and above all authentic, the Noix de Grenoble brings the virtues and flavors of the Alps in a shell. Very practical to keep, this small shell full of benefits and a real source of energy, can be consumed all year round in gourmet recipes, both savory and sweet.

Where to find walnuts?

Also sold in oil, flour, vinegar, kernels, mustard and other gourmet products, walnut oil is also used in cosmetics for its antioxidant, regenerating and softening properties. Derived in all its forms, our many nut growers do not lack imagination to honor our favorite fruit.

Visit around the walnut at the Grand Séchoir in VinayCh.Huret

The beautiful history of the Walnuts of Grenoble is presented and staged at the Grand Séchoir in Vinay: tales and legends of the country of the walnut, machines of nut farmers from yesterday to today, architecture of the dryers, gourmet recipes and gastronomy...

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Walnut products in our shops!

Historical works on the AOP or special nut recipe books, Vinois soap, nutcrackers stamped Noix de Grenoble, etc.

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The Grenoble Walnut Interprofessional Committee controls and guarantees the quality of the fruit as PDO and contributes to the promotion of the Grenoble Walnut in France and internationally where it is widely exported.

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