The essentials not to be missed

Proud of its past and its heritage, festive when the summer season arrives, gourmet thanks to local products that delight chefs from all over the world, Saint-Marcellin Vercors Isère cultivates an art of living in which we take the time to breathe, in which we taste every moment.

We are first surprised by the beauty of the natural setting that surrounds us along the pilgrim paths or the cycle route on the banks of the Isère. Forests, ski resort, cliffs, caves, peaks, gentle slopes or steeper paths are conducive to outdoor activities.
At the bend of a path or an alley, we continue the roaming with a real journey through time thanks to the castles and villages which bear witness to the history of past centuries. We finally land in the shade of the walnut trees or with our feet in the water, listening, in the distance, to this village which is preparing its gourmet feast, since the products from here smell good of the terroir.

Villages of character, historical and cultural heritage, sports facilities and activities, tourist sites, gastronomy... a beautiful range of nuggets to discover for young and old.