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Overlooking the Isère Valley in Beauvoir-en-Royans, under the foothills of the Vercors massif, the Couvent des Carmes and the remains of the XNUMXth century dolphin palace, classified as Historic Monuments, offer a historical journey from the XNUMXth century to the present day and to discover all of its treasures: vestiges, building, exhibitions, garden and orchard.

Medieval and natural site of the Convent of the Carmelites in Beauvoir-en-RoyansPierre Jayet
Medieval and natural site of the Convent of the Carmelites in Beauvoir-en-RoyansAchille Martinon


High place in the history of Dauphiné in medieval times, the site was the residence of the last Dauphins until the middle of the 1349th century. The remains of their old palace – listed as Historic Monuments – testify to the past power and prestige of these lords, before Dauphiné was attached to the Kingdom of France in XNUMX.

Visiting the CARME CONVENT

Exhibition room in a chapel of the Carmelite conventAchille Martinon

dolphin museum

The halls of the central wing of the building are devoted to a heritage exhibition to trace the history witnessed by the convent. You will discover the history of the Dauphins, lords of Dauphiné, as well as the collection of César Filhol, creator of the Delphinal Museum and initiator of the classification of the remains of the palace as Historic Monuments in 1922. This evocation takes shape thanks to a collection of objects of everyday life, earthenware and pottery and old iconography compiled by César Filhol and relayed to us by the Friends of Old Beauvoir association. A space is also devoted to the life of the Carmelites, who lived there until the XNUMXth century.


The permanent exhibition of the painter Bob ten Hoope completes the visit with landscapes of the Vercors and sketched or posed portraits of models from here and elsewhere.
The painter having lived in Royans while pursuing a career in the Netherlands, the course of the exhibition reflects a rich work rooted in the territory.
The temporary exhibition on the nudes of Bob ten Hoope, his favorite subject, is extended until March 31, 2022. The temporary exhibitions will then be part of the Art-Nature project of the Convent.

Bronze sculpture by Tineke Bot representing a flock of sheepMarja van Hest


From March 10 to October 31, 2023, the temporary exhibition hall hosts the sculptures of Tineke Bot.
Artist of Dutch origin, Tineke Bot discovered the Vercors in the 70s and decided to settle there, in what is today the Rochesmuses eco-park.
She mainly creates bronze sculptures but also explores other disciplines such as watercolour, painting, drypoint...
His works mainly take place in the public space and challenge by their freedom of tone and movement.
The Couvent des Carmes welcomes its universe, taking care to focus on its different artistic periods when the sculpture becomes more abstract here, more formal or technical there.

Complete the visit

Conservatory orchard, garden and fruit at the Couvent des Carmes in Beauvoir-en-RoyansAchille Martinon
Conservatory orchard, garden and fruit at the Couvent des Carmes in Beauvoir-en-RoyansAchille Martinon


The visit to the Carmelite Convent continues outside to the delight of the 5 senses, through the hundreds of flowers and plants in the medieval garden, and the fruit trees in the conservatory orchard. Set up in 2009 by the Association "Les fruits regained", this garden is inspired by medieval gardens often associated with abbeys or convents. The set includes 3 distinct gardens, an educational pond and apiaries complete this ecosystem. As for the orchard, it participates in the conservation and research of the specificities of fruit trees.

gastronomic restaurant “in the roman du vercors”

Since 2021, the site has also hosted the gourmet restaurant Au Roman du Vercors and offers an exceptional setting for this creative and modern culinary experience.

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“I express my creativity through authentic cuisine, centered on the products above all. Far from “pre-made” cuisine, I put the spotlight back on the taste of simple, quality ingredients from our local producers, to obtain these dishes with unforgettable flavors. The restaurant in Beauvoir-en-Royans, Au Roman du Vercors, is our life project, Isabelle, my wife and myself. It materializes our desire to share our passion and the pleasure of tasting, in a friendly place and in our image. Good products, perfectly mastered cuisine, a warm and unadorned welcome... we promise you rich gourmet moments at the restaurant Au roman du Vercors, in all simplicity and conviviality. »

Herve Duquesne

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Ruin and vestiges on the forecourt of the Carmelite conventAchille Martinon

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