the territory on display!

Saint-Marcellin Vercors Isère, with its palette of varied landscapes between the summits of the Vercors, the valleys of the Chambaran and the banks of the Isère, has often captured the eye of filmmakers. Many films and series have found a natural setting here that is both authentic and spectacular. This is the case of Anthracite, a new big Netflix production which is released today, Wednesday April 10, on the platform and the next film by Artus A little something extra  scheduled in cinemas for 1er May

film crew facing the view from the Vercors for the film a little something extra

The series “Anthracite, the mystery of the Écrins sect”

Mainly filmed in Isère from February to May 2023, this thriller “Anthracite” is largely inspired by the affair of the Order of the Solar Temple and offers a quality cast headlined by actress Camille Lou and rapper Hatik in particular. . In the 6 episodes of this mini-series, you will recognize images of Pont-en-Royans and the hanging houses, the banks of the Bourne, Presles, the Thaïs cave, the Resistance Memorial, the Montvinay castle in Vinay .

“With the broadcast planned in 190 countries, we are going to see Pont-en-Royans in Connecticut, it’s still not bad! »

Raphaël Ferret, actor

Back to basics for director Fanny Robert, originally from Matheysine, who dreamed of seeing her country on screen and who shares in Dauphiné Libéré: “These are corners in which I have wandered since I was little and it is indeed an extremely cinematographic environment […] The world of fiction is greatly nourished by imagination from the United States. They manage to make any American valley floor extraordinary: why not us? »

actor in front of the hanging houses for the trailer of the series

words of extra

Nicolas Bontoux, director of the Tourist Office, even had a small role in the series, he tells us :

Who has never dreamed of a career in cinema? Let's be real, acting talent isn't given to everyone. But fortunately, there is always a place for extras! Myself, I had the chance to play in the film “Waiting for Bojangles” when I was in Nice and recently in the series “Anthracite”. Imagine, the archives room of Grenoble town hall transformed into a laboratory for the occasion! Cinema generates a thriving economy, boosting demand for accommodation, catering and other services. In addition, film and television productions have an undeniable impact on the choice of tourist destinations, attracting visitors through the enhancement of natural and cultural environments. This is why, at the tourist office, we facilitate the connection between production companies and owners of potential filming locations.

Artus’ film “A Little Something Extra”

Second work co-produced with Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Production and coming soon to cinemas from 1er May: A little something extra with Artus, Alice Belaïdi and Clovis Cornillac in particular. This touching and refreshing comedy is the first feature film by comedian and actor Artus who wishes to promote inclusion and highlight actors with mental disabilities, who are too often marginalized in the world of cinema.

The film was largely shot in the region over several months last summer in Izeron, where the setting of the gîte is located, as well as at the E.Leclerc shopping center in Chatte, on the Isère river with the Aviron Sud Grésivaudan club in La Sône and the Bateau à Roue Royans-Vercors in Saint-Nazaire-en-Royans.

A beautiful human adventure very locally anchored, in connection with local actors, which made it possible to create around fifty jobs and give roles to around fifteen actors from the region.

group summer camp actors

manager's words

Nicolas Vivien, general manager of the film, tells us about his experience filming in the region :

The Saint-Marcellin Vercors Isère region offered Artus and the production the opportunity to place all the sets with visual diversity within a close geographical area. We were able to find and install our isolated cottage in the heart of nature in the Vercors. We also hear in the village that it is “the most beautiful place in the world”. We had the chance to shoot scenes in an urbanized environment just a few minutes' drive away, passing through the Gorges du Nan which made some people dizzy, and at the same time to produce a major rowing sequence on the Bourne , a welcome little moment of tranquility and freedom for our actors.
This shoot was an opportunity to discover and fully enjoy the region and its wide variety of landscapes that deserve to be known.

And much more…

A land and authentic and warm inhabitants, natural and diverse landscapes… A true haven of peace which has been the scene of numerous filmings in recent years for films, television shows, series etc.

The Crimson Rivers et Painting or making love in Vinay, White as Snow in Saint-Antoine-l’Abbaye, The butterfly et A swallow made spring in Châtelus…

our residents inspire movie characters

Angélique Doucet, owner of the Ferme du Clos, inspired Sandrine, the main role played by Mathilde Seigner, in “Une Hirondelle a fait le spring”

How did you work with the film crew to stick to reality?

When she knew she had the role, Mathilde Seigner wanted an immersion with me to better immerse herself in her role and learn everything about the person I was, that is to say a neo-rural, a person who comes from the city, who left everything to discover the profession of a farmer. So I welcomed her for ten days on the farm, just like an intern. She played the game well, she was completely with me. She even drove a tractor after being taught to do so without even having a license! There are joys and sorrows in our jobs, she was able to experience these phases “in real life”. I didn't want to have journalists at my house and she wasn't recognized here in the countryside (it hurt her pride) so I was able to bring her everywhere incognito, it was nice. I then coached her on her filming locations to keep the story authentic.

And has it remained so?

Everything was generally kept the same in the film, even if unlike Mathilde, I had a lot of difficulty buying at the start because I had no agricultural background at all. On the other hand, I had a good reception from those around me who coached me well to learn old techniques and acquire common peasant sense. It was only later that I followed real agricultural training to be able to set up and launch my own goat cheese production. It allowed me to be able to tell everyone “that’s it, I’m a real peasant!” » because otherwise without a diploma and without experience, I was not recognized.

What did this film change for you?

I quickly gained notoriety. On the borders of Châtelus, no one would have found me with my cheeses, while when the film was released, people came to see who was the person who had inspired Mathilde Seigner to star in the film. To retain the viewer's attention, I was also quickly associated with numerous TV shows: Echappeées Belles, Chroniques d'en Haut, Les Carnets de Julie... After the film and for 25 years, I have been in demand by the written press on the same themes: being a woman in a rural environment and the change of life and the difficulties linked to settling in. The fallout still lasts!