discovering our craft breweries

Wines, spirits, ratafia wine… There’s plenty to drink here! And yet in this intoxicating and warm territory, master in the art of eating well, beer is just as fashionable, whether blond, brown or amber. We may not be in the North or in Belgium, but here too, we have young, passionate brewers who offer ultra-local craft beers.

In full swing

Followers of the saying « Pressure il better la to drink than endure it », we take you to discover some of our micro-breweries located in the region. A whole range of know-how to enjoy (in moderation, of course!)

1. Byre grouse in Vinay

Unique beers that highlight the originality of the recipes rather than the colors of the dress

Hélène and Flavien founded Tétras Byre in Vinay and brewed on site from a star ingredient: hops, used for its infinite aromatic palette, without added aromas or fruits for very pleasant and easy to drink aromatic beers.

The best? Organic and eco-designed beers with sustainable and responsible packaging in 44cl cans and regional raw materials!

Our flagship beer is “Ruissant Waterfall” a DDH IPA: a very hoppy beer with very nice notes of passion fruit, not very bitter and a little round without being sweet.

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235 rue Paul Guerry 38470 Vinay

+06 25 25 70 06 XNUMX

  • Takeaway
  • Free visit & tasting by appointment
  • Gift boxes
  • Custom brew
  • Pump rental for your events
  • Private parties & events
  • Afterworks (spring 2024)

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2. MICRO-BRASSERIE tarz’ in saint-andré-en-royans

The pleasure of bringing the heart of the village back to life with a beer factory in a friendly place

Ethical and local beers, plates of products from local breeders that we taste in a lively and friendly bar in the heart of a charming little village, that's what Sylvain wanted when he created his micro- brewery.

With the desire to perpetuate an activity in the village of Saint-André-en-Royans by running a bar in the brewery, this enthusiast, who had already been brewing at home for many years, created a very small structure in which almost The entire manufacturing process is manual.

The beers of the Micro Brasserie Tarz are most often made with organic and local malt (when the recipes allow it), and bottled in returnable bottles provided by a Drôme company in order to promote the short circuit as much as possible.

My flagship product remains the IPA but I still have plenty of things to test, in particular I am waiting for the release of a raspberry white wine for the summer.

At the bar counter, you can find ultra local products to taste, beers from the brewery, obviously, but not only that! Other beers from Royans brewers will be offered to you, as well as wine and other local fruit juices. To snack we can trust our talented breeders and producers near us! Various events also punctuate the year.

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3. The Nyris brewery in Chat


Meet the creators of the brewery

About to open their brewery, Fanny and Joris can't wait to let you taste their products and share their passion for artisanal beer making.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​starting your own brewery?

The idea did not come from very far because we have been brewing as an amateur since 2019 on our small balcony in Lyon and in 2022, we decided to train in a training center in Rouen called Brew Society. Following this training, we really said to ourselves: “Why not us? »: and we took the plunge! At the end of 2022, we returned to our heartland to set up our microbrewery.

How do you imagine the launch?

As soon as the brewing tanks arrive, we will brew our first four beers and set up the organization of the brewery. We hope to be able to open the store in May! We would also like to offer an event this summer around a music group and why not, bring in one or more food trucks for a festive and sunny moment.

What is your manufacturing method, how will your beers differ?

We have chosen to invest in isobarometric equipment (under pressure) for better conservation of our beers! We can't wait to see the arrival of our brewing room allowing us to produce brews of 500 to 1000L. We will start with 3 permanent beers:

A French Golden Ale - light and floral beer, ultra refreshing for summer, with French hops (Mistral)

A Witbier - Belgian-inspired white (orange / coriander) but also with French hops, which we will pep up with a note of basil for the refreshing side

An American Amber Ale – a very delicious and malty but hoppy amber beer to give it a fruity and herbaceous note

We also want to offer something new and release ephemeral beers. Our first will be a light bitterness beer with powerful notes of tropical fruits.

We are committed to working with the most local products possible. And if it’s organic, it’s even better! We will implement bottle deposits and work in an eco-responsible manner with recycled CO2. We will favor short circuits for sales to also maintain links with consumers.

Exactly, will you offer the visit and tastings directly at the brewery?

Of course, we want to complete the offer of local beers in our region and revitalize the region by introducing people to the brewing community with one-off events, visits and ultimately brewing workshops.

+06 76 91 68 34 XNUMX
352 ZI La Gloriette 38160 Chatte

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the bonus: beer and cheese for pussy

Drink a good beer in the region in a cellar of wines, spirits and craft beers

A cellar that has never been empty since its opening! For good reason, craft beers to taste on site accompanied by cheese and charcuterie platters. Or the possibility of creating your own vintage during the brewing workshops offered in the premises all year round.

Entertainment and concerts are scheduled every month to liven up your evenings.

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in our brasseries and bars

Vibrate to the rhythm of Celtic music while tasting craft beers with unique flavors. Guinness lovers or looking for a friendly evening, consult our program to discover all the activities planned for St. Patrick's Day in our region!