Saturday June 15 and Sunday June 16 in Saint-Marcellin

For the first time, Grenoble Walnut AOP and Saint-Marcellin IGP are joining forces to create a unique, gourmet, festive and above all completely free event to highlight the gastronomic heritage of our region!

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Do you love Grenoble walnuts and Saint-Marcellin cheese?

So take part in the first edition celebrating these two local products. The Saint-Marcellin and Grenoble Walnut Festival merge into a single event organized by Saint-Marcellin Vercors Isère Community, the towns of Saint-Marcellin and Vinay.
Enjoy a fun and enticing program during this weekend open to all:

Saturday June 15 from 16 a.m. to 22 p.m.

- 16 p.m. - 20 p.m .: Market of producers and artisans
- 16h-19h: Wooden games with The Playful Tree / carriage rides with Attelages de la Bièvre / traveling farm with the Mini Farm on a Walk / coloring space
-Food trucks and on-site catering in the evening with the Restaurant La Terrasse
- 21h-01h: Musical animations

Sunday June 16 from 9 p.m. to 18 p.m.

- 9h-17h: Market of producers and artisans
- 9h-16h: Wooden games with The Playful Tree / pony rides / traveling farm with the Mini Ferme en Balade / public reading at the Saint-Marcellin Media Library
- 10h-12h: Parade and inductions of brotherhoods
– 10 a.m.-12 p.m.: Emission “We’re still not together” on site live on France Bleu with the presence of Serge Papagalli
– Food trucks and on-site catering noon
- 13 p.m. and 16 p.m.: St-Marcellin molding workshop by C2MF
- 13:30 p.m. and 15:30 p.m.: Nut cracking and oil pressing workshop by CING
- 14:30 p.m. and 16:30 p.m.: Quiz in the territory, La Noix and Saint-Marcellin by the facilitator
- Workshops “Creation of a key ring bearing the image of the Festival” by FabLab and “Create your Marcelline with AI” by Third Lieu Numérique
- Musical wanderings circus and batucada

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