A colorful and emotional journey to the center of the earth

No need to crawl or caving equipment to access the Grotte de Choranche, one of the most famous caves in the Vercors and listed since 2022 among the 20 emblematic sites of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes with more than 100 visitors per year.

What is the Grotte de Choranche?

The history of the country tells that in 1871, the drought beating down on the region would have pushed the Choranchois to go up the bed of the river of the village. At the foot of the cliffs of Presles, they entered a narrow cavity from which the water came out. After a few steps and a few rocks apart, they then discovered a huge room with a large lake. It was more than 20 years after its discovery, in 1897, that the first explorations of the Choranche cave began, led by Oscar Descombaz, one of the pioneers of speleology in France. Today, the speleological adventure still continues beyond the developed parts.

Open to the public since 1967, the Grotte de Choranche tourist site was born from the passion of three speleologists wishing to shed light on the underground world in an effort to preserve this fragile environment.

The visit to the cave

The Grotte de Choranche can be discovered on a guided tour with an ambient temperature of 10° all year round (ideal for those looking for coolness in summer). A refreshing one-hour visit that does not fail to surprise neophytes and lovers of underground sites. The course is laid out along the underground rivers in relatively wide galleries and rooms that can reach more than 15 meters in height!

Caving in the Grotte de Choranche

“A magical setting shaped by water and limestone”

The fistulas are a particularity of the Grotte de Choranche. These are very fine stalactites, a bit like macaroni. Able to reach more than 3 meters in length, they can be observed hanging by the thousands from the vaults of the cave. A unique show in Europe!

Protes, curious inhabitants of the place

True stars of the visit, proteans are fascinating cave animals: they are blind, sensitive to light and capable of fasting for several consecutive months. These little salamander-like amphibians can live up to 80 years!

Tree and cave in underground sound and light showInspired by Vercors

A sound and light show

Over the emerald waters, we end the visit in style with a 6-minute sound and light show in the huge hall of the Cathedral. A colorful creation to showcase the beauty of the place and let your imagination run wild for a moment… for young and old alike!

To prepare for your visit

Located in the heart of the Vercors Regional Natural Park, 1 hour from Grenoble or Valence, 1h30 from Lyon, the Grotte de Choranche is open to the public all year round. The site is fully equipped and offers all the necessary amenities to welcome visitors (parking, bar, shop, etc.).

Pratical information

Cave of Choranche

2865 cave road
04 76 36 09 88


Online reservation strongly recommended

Open every day. Guided tour of 1h but plan 1h30 on site.

ADULT : From 13,70 to 14,70 €
CHILD (4-10 years old) : from €8,50 to €9,50
CHILD (0-3 years): Free
REDUCED PRICE : from €12,10 to €13,10 (unemployed, students, disabled adults and young people aged 11 to 17)