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In June, we welcomed the photographer and influencer Audrey Gusman to experiment and promote the Tour des Coulmes in the Vercors, an essential trail in the territory of 40km and 3 days of hiking. Discover his experience!

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what is the gr® de pays tour des coulmes?

Duration: 2 to 3 days
Distance: 44,1km
Positive elevation: 2132m

A must in the Vercors, in a still wild sector of the territory. This tour crosses the Coulmes massif mainly in the forest, on very varied routes (paths, paths, tracks and singles), with many viewpoints over the northern Vercors and the Isère valley in particular.

With its three gateways (Malleval-en-Vercors, Rencurel and Presles), this route is an excellent introduction to itinerant hiking and an invitation to discover the vast Coulmes massif. Between forests, ridges, cliffs, wide open spaces and magnificent canyons, this hike gives pride of place to shaded paths and its moderate elevation gain makes it accessible.

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Between forest, meadows and cliffs, the Tour des Coulmes in 3 days, an ideal loop for nature lovers who like calm and freshness. It is with enthusiasm that I immerse myself in the heart of the Coulmes for the first time.

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Day 1

from presles to malleval-en-vercors

A 45 km loop over 3 days which starts from the small village of Presles towards Malleval-en-Vercors through a forest of boxwood, beech and fir trees.

A stop is a must at the belvedere of Serre-Cocu to admire the Vercors, more precisely the Moucherolles, the Grand Veymont or the Roc de Toulau as well as the Isère valley with part of the Royans.

Step by step, I am amazed to cross different extremely flowery meadows. You could lose me in these fields of flowers where they are very high. I love spring, this colorful season! A real pleasure for my pupils.

After this colorful crossing, I enter the spectacular Cirque de Malleval en Vercors. The cliffs are impressive. The small village nevertheless seems abandoned, but this church on the side of the cliffs has all its charm. It was at the Au Coeur des Coulmes gite that I stayed for one night. I was very well received by Sandrine and her husband and I greatly appreciated the comfort of the room, perfect for leaving well rested.

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Day 2

From malleval-en-vercors to rencurel

After this pleasant quiet night, I resume my journey towards Rencurel. I take the path behind the church, passing by La Caille and I stop at Pas du Follet to eat my sandwich prepared by Sandrine from the gîte Au coeur des Coulmes.

The trails were once used by the coal miners who were very present on this massif. The forest is largely made up of beech trees.

After regaining my strength, I go back down into the undergrowth, and continue my little road trip. The arrival at Col de Romeyere is well deserved. I am not disappointed, these cliffs are just magnificent. I love to admire each of their details. After a photo break, I head for Rencurel.

I happily cross a path of flowers, not yet mowed at the beginning of June. At the end of this path you can contemplate the unobstructed view of the pretty village of Rencurel.

It was with my feet in the water that I was able to relax in the swimming pool of the Le Marronnier hotel, ending with a very good dinner. For the lucky ones, you can also take advantage of the hotel's SPA. From my room I can observe the last rays of the sun, making the peaks and the church redden. Perfect to end the day in style.

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Day 3

from rencurel to presles

After a peaceful night and a hearty breakfast, it's time for me to resume my journey and return to Presles.

Going up, there is a magnificent view of Rencurel and the Vercors. The Great Flycatcher is impressive seen from here despite a cloudy sky…

I leave again in the undergrowth before stopping in the sensitive natural space of Rimets to get to know the valley of fossils. Not to mention the old bread oven, restored in 2010. This building was an annex to the Rimets farm which burned down during the Second World War.

I continue my journey to La Goulandière, an old disused village. A pleasant space to picnic and relax.

The return is the longest part of the Tour des Coulmes, and takes place mainly in the forest. At the exit, you can sit in a flowery meadow and enjoy a pleasant view of the village of Presles before completing this loop.

who is audrey gusman?

Audrey Gusman is a photographer specializing in hiking. Previously practicing in Isère, she has recently been based in Haute-Garonne. A professional photographer of large landscapes, she also runs an Instagram page which has a community of more than 5000 subscribers, formerly better known as @tazouille38.

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View of RencurelAudrey Gusman

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The Tour des Coulmes also takes place over 2 days! Click below to prepare your outing with Isère Cheval Vert, an association specializing in equestrian practices and the reception of riders in the department, and take a refreshing break in addresses and trails where horses are welcome.

Tour of the Coulmes on horseback

The forest, just before arriving at Pré GontierAudrey Gusman

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From the “Des Coulmes aux Chambaran” hiking map published by the Vercors Regional Natural Park and on sale at our various reception desks in Saint-Antoine-l'Abbaye, Saint-Marcellin and Pont-en-Royans.

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