In situ installation that evolves with the seasons.

Visible every day and at any time, on the facade of the Hall.

Flora Moscovici creates an ephemeral work that enhances the building and its history, in the heart of the village of Pont-en-Royans.

The artist invests the buttresses of the facade of the Hall. These architectural elements were built after the war in order to stabilize the structure weakened by the bombings of 1944 on the hanging houses, initially present at this location. The places will then be hidden until the 1980s and their reconversion into a cultural center.

Flora Moscovici offers a unique installation, designed specifically for the site. It pays homage, thanks to the color which embraces the architecture, to this sensitive memory of which the ramparts stand as witnesses.

The title, Wall of comfort, therefore plays with the terms used in ancient construction treatises to designate support walls. Likewise, it suggests a more immaterial dimension, of the order of emotion and gentleness.

[...] The work evolves with light, dialogues with space and offers the public an always new, constantly changing experience."

Rates / opening


Free access.


From 02/09/2023 to 31/12/2025, every day.