we tested for you the escape game at the big dryer

Are you looking for a fun game to try with family or friends at a good price-quality ratio and which will allow you, as a bonus, to know everything about AOP Grenoble walnuts? Look no further, you've found it and it's at the Grand Séchoir, home of the walnut country in Vinay!

group of people in front of an old walnut dryer in Vinay

what is the big dryer?

Le Grand Séchoir stages the history of the AOP Grenoble walnut through a modern museography: tales and legends of the country of the walnut, machines of nut farmers from yesterday to today, architecture of the dryers, gourmet recipes and gastronomy...

On site, a beautiful wooded park, a tea room and a beautiful shop complete the visit.

€4,5 / adult • €3,5 / reduced or child (10 to 18 years old) • Free – 10 years old
Escape game price: €3/pers. in addition to the entrance ticket

April to October: every day except Monday from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m. November to March: every day, except Monday from 14 p.m. to 17 p.m. Closed in January.

705 route de Grenoble 38470 Vinay

04 76 36 36 10

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escape game poster the legend of the golden nuts

The escape game "the legend of the golden nuts"

In order to continue to discover the offer and to be able to inform visitors as well as possible about the novelties, the team of the Tourist Office wanted to try out this new activity on the territory as soon as it came out.

Here we go for 2 hours of play, divided into two teams of 5 people because the groups to test the escape game are made up of 1 to 6 teammates. We were able to play simultaneously because up to 5 teams can advance in the game at the same time. To have a complete overview of the game, one of the teams chose the novice level (for those who have never done – or very little – escape game) and the connoisseur level (for those who are very comfortable with the principle and therefore need less cues)

the scenario: Follow the directions in the notebook
of Cornelia to find the Golden Nuts!

“Since you discovered your gifts in sorcery, nothing is like before. You finally see all the magic that surrounds us!
This visit to the Grand Séchoir is also a very good thing: indeed, you keep hearing about the famous legend of the Golden Nuts… but no one knows where they are hidden.
By pure chance, you have just discovered the research notebook of the famous witch Cornelia Platycaria who had already investigated the subject at length.
Will you get your hands on this priceless treasure? »

notebook and search for golden nuts during the escape game of the Grand Séchoir in Vinay

the course of the game

After the instructions given by Amandine, we set off with our notebook. We mingle with other visitors to the site and rediscover in a fun way all the scenography of the Grand Séchoir. From riddles to riddles, we reconstitute the route that leads us to the mysterious golden nuts by awakening all our senses. We rack our brains, we dig, we open our eyes in search of clues in every corner (spoiler alert: don't be afraid to find yourself in funny positions) but above all we laugh a lot!

what we thought

Rather in the form of a treasure hunt, we enjoyed rediscovering the museum's collections by looking for clues in the notebook. The game is very well put together, qualitative, with puzzles that cannot be found elsewhere. No matter what level you choose, you never get stuck since you can get help if needed.

We have fun and we learn, a great way to encourage young people to push the doors of a museum.
And all this for a ridiculously low price of €3 to be added to the price of the entrance ticket!

Just one remark: the connoisseur level is really reserved for escape game experts! So that gives you a little hint as to which team finished the game first…

bag the legend of the golden nuts at the foot of the walnut trees in Vinay

“A real discovery, the escape game of the large dryer is to be tested. It allows you to learn more about the nut, in a fun way. It's easy to get caught up in the game, pacing the rooms of the museum, in search of the treasure! a parallel visit that knows how to entertain young and old! Learn while having fun: I recommend for a good time with the family! »

Anthony, one of the team's relatives, came to visit the Grand Séchoir for the first (but certainly not the last) time

to participate in the escape game

Game designed for adults and teenagers from 12 years old.
Possible reception of 5 teams simultaneously 1 to 6 players per team.
2 levels of difficulty: Novice (for people who have never or very little done an escape game) or Connoisseur.
Duration of the game: between 1h to 2h approximately.
Price 3 € / person in addition to the entrance ticket, i.e.:
Full price: €7,50
Reduced (10-18 years old, student, high school student, RSA, job seeker, large family & disability): €6,50
Reservation recommended during the opening hours of the museum on 04 76 36 36 10.

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Visit around the walnut at the Grand Séchoir in VinayCh.Huret
insect exhibition poster at the grand dryer in vinay

“Tell me about insects…”

Presented since May 13 at the Grand Séchoir, this new temporary exhibition invites us to discover the diversity of insects that surrounds us and to question the relationships we have with these little beasts: some amaze us, others horrify us, some contribute to human activities, others finally are sworn enemies... But insects are nevertheless guarantors of the good balance of ecosystems and provide immense ecological services. Preserving them is therefore essential, for the work they produce, but also for the wonder they provide if we take the time to observe them. Will knowing them better and better understanding them allow us to envisage our link to the living world on a more lasting basis?

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