Rediscover our nuggets thanks to the guided tours of the Tourist Office this summer!
Our guides will introduce you to our heritage and the villages of Saint-Antoine-l'Abbaye and Pont-en-Royans from an original angle and take you on a real journey through time.

Each of our tours can be booked online on our website at a reduced rate or available for sale at our tourist information offices. More information below.

poster of guided tours from the saint-marcellin vercors isère tourist office to saint-antoine-l'abbaye

guided tours of saint-antoine-l'abbaye

During your discovery of Saint-Antoine, don't miss our guided tours offered all year round for groups and from April to September for individuals. The historical commentaries of our passionate guides will take you straight to the Middle Ages, at a time when the abbey attracted pilgrims from all over Europe. Guided tours, theatrical, storytelling, during the day or by torchlight at nightfall... A rich program to discover from an original angle the only village in the department of Isère classified among the most beautiful villages in France!

Who is Saint Antoine? Why build an abbey in a small remote village in Dauphiné? How was the abbey able to attract pilgrims from all over Europe? What links surgical medicine to the village? The comments of our tour guides will reveal the secrets of a millennial history to you along the streets, narrow streets, medieval houses, mysterious Treasury and abbey church, this jewel that can be seen for miles around...

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poster of guided tours from the tourist office saint-marcellin vercors isère to pont-en-royans

guided tours of pont-en-royans

During your discovery of the village, don't miss our theatrical nocturnal visit on Mondays and Wednesdays at 21 p.m. from July 12 to August 16.

At nightfall, in Pont-en-Royans, the many street lamps pierce the nocturnal darkness to light up the streets. Follow Joseph, lamplighter, on his tour and discover the village to the rhythm of his stories.

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