In an old dauphinoise farm, "la Clandestine" is an artisanal vinegar factory which still traditionally and naturally produces organic fruit vinegars (walnuts, raspberries, blueberries, honey) as well as balsamic vinegars without added flavoring or coloring.

Vinegar is one of the basic ingredients of our cuisine and our gastronomy. As such, it deserves care and attention. To do this, traditional acetification in oak barrels then aging in small barrels, which give the vinegar strength and roundness, character and quality, are used. Time is the tempo of quality.

It seems important to me to express the character of my terroir. This is why the wines, barrels and fruits come mainly from the region. These short circuits are the guarantors of quality. Particular attention is paid to minimizing our carbon footprint. We are borrowing our children's land, think about it...

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