On our farm we try to put into practice our love for nature and for what it gives us. No chemicals are used, neither fertilizers nor pesticides. The earth, on which our walnut trees nourish themselves, deserves the greatest respect.

You will find organic products from our farm at our Varacieux point of sale: nuts, walnut oil, walnut flour and honey. As well as, to order, organic breads from Pain de Beauvoir, organic cheeses from Biquettes des Chambaran and local vegetables from Quentin Lambert.

Farm products

- Organic shelled nuts
No chemical treatment disturbs the ecological balance of the trees. These trees, not irrigated, grow against hillsides representing as many terroirs. The nuts that come from it have a very special character.
After collection, the nuts are washed in water then dried in a traditional and natural way, on wooden slats. They are sorted by hand to select the most beautiful.
The autonomy of the farm is sought thanks to the nitrogen contribution represented by the manure of my cows and by the sowing of green manure at the foot of the walnut trees.

- Organic walnut oil
A portion of the nuts is reserved for the manufacture of walnut oil. They are then broken by us. After rigorous sorting, only the finest kernels are used to make walnut oil, free of any pesticides, with recognized nutritional qualities.
Walnut oil, extracted in the traditional way in one of the region's mills, concentrates all the virtues of the fruit. It is a nectar whose aromas reflect the terroir on which the trees grew.

- Organic honey
The preserved environment in which my farm is located, on hillsides at an altitude of 450m, facing the Vercors (Alps, Isère) and on the edge of the Chambaran forest, allows me to run an organic and sedentary apiary on my plots. The natural and varied vegetation allows the bees to produce honey rich in flavors. The honey plants here are mainly chestnut trees, acacias, lime trees and wildflowers.

- Organic chestnuts
Our organic chestnuts come from trees several hundred years old. In October, we collect the chestnuts early in the morning, then we soak them in pure water to eliminate the wormy fruits. They then drain on shelves and are delivered the day after their harvest.
We sell them fresh, during the harvest period.

- Organic walnut flour
Walnut flour is obtained by crushing then milling the cake resulting from pressing the kernels.
We then have a very fine powder, free of shell, gluten-free, which is used in the composition of sweet or savory pastries.

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